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Office Phone Systems

Cost effective office phone systems for you


Your phone is at the heart of your business’s ability to respond to customers. That’s why our solutions put reliability and responsiveness first.

A high quality, reliable office phone system is essential for any successful business. It ensures good lines of communications with customers, clients and between staff. Whatever your industry or specialisation, office phone systems will always be a priority.


There are countless options and features available for modern business telephone systems. At Layer 4 we get to know your business, enabling us to have an in-depth understanding of your communication needs, so we can recommend and provide the ideal office phone system for you. We take the pain out of choosing from a sometimes bewildering range of features and services, giving you experience-based, business-minded advice and hassle-free implementation and support.

Why choose Layer 4

• Independent B2B Specialist

• Partnerships with Global Leaders

• Dedicated Account Managers

• UK Customer Support Teams

• Multi Product Discounts

Flexible phone solutions for businesses of all sizes

Need phones for business? We help you choose the best Layer 4 system for your business

Hosted Voice


Combining voice and conference call services with web-based collaboration capabilities, voicemail, messaging and mobile communications. A secure, reliable and easy-to-use communications solution that allows you to scale your costs in line with your business growth.


There’s no complex technology for you to manage and additional users and features can be deployed quickly.

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