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The Evolution of Email Security

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Jo Milligan - Layer 4 M365 Specialist

Remember the good old days of POP servers? True story: I once played the role of a manual spam filter, deciding which emails were worthy of users inbox! Those were simpler times. Fast forward to today, and the email game has changed. We're no longer battling just spam; now, it's all about impersonation.

Back then, spam meant sketchy offers and Nigerian princes. Now, it's about deciphering if that message from your boss is the real or an imposter. It's like we've upgraded from dodging email scams to playing detective.

It's no longer just about spam filters; it's about recognising the real from the fake. Scammers are getting crafty, sending fake messages that look legitimate. They might pose as the CEO, asking for favours, like Amazon Vouchers or as HR, tricking you into sharing sensitive info. Here is one of the latest one doing the rounds :


Employees cannot always spot these emails, it is not really their job. Our impersonation protection uses the latest AI to learn email patterns to prevent impersonation emails from reaching your employees. The above was blocked before it reached the intended recipient, the reasons are displayed on the left. We're not just reacting to threats; we're proactively adapting, staying one step ahead of the game.

Test out a trial of our impersonation protection and see a detailed report on the attempted attacks within your organisation.


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