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Network Cyber Security

Network Cyber Security

One SMB in UK is hacked every 19-seconds. How safe is your network from advanced data breaches and cyber attacks? Network cyber security has changed rapidly.


A network that was secure a few years ago can be hacked in an instant today. Layer 4 proactive network security services technology helps businesses detect and prevent potential cyber attacks before they reach your vital computer networks.

Our experienced security consultants offer network security and cyber security services. We can help you protect your business data from harmful actors to prevent security problems.

How to reassess your Cyber Security Services for your business

Cyber security disasters are not uncommon anymore. Many businesses, regardless of their size, can be prone to complacency. What worries us, however, is that cybercriminals have changed their tactics.

They are not only targeting large corporations anymore. Any business can be vulnerable today, because customer data is valuable. Downtime can hurt the bottom line. Every hour lost to a security breach can cost billions.

Attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Security systems are often outdated. We have talked to many SMB executives recently. We have noticed that they lack awareness of the current and emerging cyber security threats. Many small businesses think that a basic antivirus software is enough to protect them from all kinds of attacks. But cybercriminals use more creative ways to access your computer network.


Some of the common cyber attacks that we deal with are:

  • Advanced persistent threats – These are stealthy and long-lasting attacks that can infiltrate and remain hidden in a network or computer.

  • DDoS – This is when a network is flooded with fake requests from multiple sources until it crashes.

  • Insider attacks – This is when someone from the organisation abuses their access privileges.

  • Brute force password attacks – This is when hackers try to guess passwords by trying different combinations.

  • Zero-day attacks – These are new and unknown security threats that have no existing solutions to stop them.

  • Phishing – This is when email and website impersonations are used to trick users into giving access to their network.

  • Ransomware – This is when hackers lock your system, encrypt your data and demand a ransom to restore it.

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