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Professional Partner for Microsoft Azure and 365 Solution

As the world becomes more virtual, workforces need to securely access and collaborate on internal systems and files from anywhere. Cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure can help businesses achieve this goal.

We are here to assist you with any cloud-related needs, from advice, installations, migration, support, cloud backup solutions and more. We work with organisations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, with offices around the world. Whether you need help managing a cloud application or moving to the cloud, we can help.

​Moving to the cloud can offer powerful benefits, but it requires careful analysis and planning to avoid security and operational risks. Our expert team will understand your business needs, design a solution that matches them and ensure your employees can use the cloud benefits right away.

Our Business Cloud Services

Take Control of your IT

Our team of consultants are ready and waiting to assist with your move to the Cloud

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Cloud Migration Services

Move data into the Cloud Environment with Layer4


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Managed Services provided by Layer 4

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops

Flexible and cost-effective hosted desktop service provided by Microsoft Azure


Microsoft SharePoint Consultants

Microsoft SharePoint Consultants and development services.

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